Snippet Sunday June 28, 2015


I’m back everyone…here’s a snippet from my novella Falling In Fiji!

Falling In Fiji

“You’re awfully quiet over there.”

She leaned her head on his arm as they walked through thick growth forming a canopy over the curved wooden bridge. “Just thinking.”


They stopped in the middle of the arch under a blanket of yellow and purple blooms fragrant with sweet pungent scents. Secluded in the natural tunnel Corrine leaned back against the railing facing him. “About what you said. I think you’re right. It’s time to be me.”

He stepped right up into her space. His body lined up meeting hers and she forgot to breath. “I think you’re pretty great,” he said.

She looked up into those deep blue eyes. Something about those eyes seemed to see inside her. She stood frozen eyes locked on his. “I think you’re pretty great too,” she whispered.

Her eyes dropped to his mouth. A shiver of awareness stole her breath. Sensations assaulted her at the feel of his big hand threading through her hair. Her eyes drifted shut as her breath stuttered in her lungs. Tilting her face up he crushed his lips to hers. He kissed with confidence, giving and taking with every brush of his lips masterful lips on hers. Feeling the slow glide of his warm tongue brushing her bottom lip she opened for him.

With a low growl, he cupped her backside pulling her up on her toes. The hard length of him lined up with her center creating a desperate need to press tighter to him and relieve the burning ache between her thighs. The slow slide of his tongue against hers ignited her. Aroused and desperate, a needy whimper escaped her. Burying her hands in his soft hair at the nape of his neck she sought more. More of his heat. More of his taste. She couldn’t help herself she bit his plump bottom lip and reveled in victory when he growled low in his throat.

…next week I think I’m going to bring you some new snippets. Maybe from Sunset at Lake Crane which is with my editor right at this very moment or maybe from my work in progress, Nightfall at Hunter’s Ridge. Any preferences or should I just keep them coming?

7 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday June 28, 2015”

  1. A lot of sensual detail here… and the best part? How they think that each other is “pretty neat”. It’s so cute and set such a sense of mood.


  2. So sorry for the delayed response to this week’s post. I’m playing catch up on Sunday Snippets.

    Loved the way you described this scene and their heated feelings. The beginning was cute and led perfectly to it. Great snippet.

    Liked by 1 person

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